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Cypress Employment Services is contract labor company with combined employee management experience exceeding 50 years. We know that each of our business partnerships is unique, and we adapt practical risk management strategies to the specific requirements of each client.

By enhancing employee productivity and efficiency, we enable our clients to focus on projects and profitability.

Staffing and Employment - Done The Right Way

We take the hassle out of candidate search and selection with screening and skills validation.  Cypress Employment creates the best employee workforce pool with the right work-employer engagement attitude, at the right time and cost.

Starting with only pre-qualified, skilled craftspeople for focused and eager workforce, we then perform careful drug testing and screening, to assure employee readiness.

With acute budget consciousness and time sensitivity, we fill your staffing requirements. Then, as project workload fluctuates and staffing requirements rise and fall, we adapt your workforce for project demand and profitability, while retaining core employees.

Skilled, Screened, Validated and Engaged

Need a qualified, performance ready workforce? Our extensive pool of drug screened, skill tested and qualified candidates are ready and eager to join your team.

Reduce Distractions & Overhead Costs

We remove many of the human resources distractions from the staffing equation, leaving project leaders and supervisors to focus on projects and profitability.

Test Drive the Cypress Success Formula

Test drive new hires with trial periods tailored for projects and business cycles, while you retain core employees and avoid the payroll complexities.

Legendary Focused Workforce Flexibility

Cypress Employment Services integrates workforce flexibility with industry focused knowledge and experience, setting Cypress apart from all other staffing agencies.

Our Workforce Success Formula

Flexible staffing is a common efficiency solution offered by all staffing companies. What sets Cypress Employment Services apart is our knowledge and experience in recruiting and retaining highly skilled craftspeople, and by assisting employers with right-sized project staffing while pursuing new business opportunities.

Cypress Employment Services understands the value of core employee retention. When demand drops, employers must maintain a flexible employee workforce – while retaining valuable skilled, eager, and engaged staff.  We make it work.

  • Competency - join leading employers and qualified candidates combining staffing and employment opportunities...
  • Creativity - adapt repeatable recruiting strategies to create a pool of screened, qualified, and skill verified candidates...
  • Responsive - serve leading employers by recruiting skilled, validated staff for emerging projects and skill requirements...
  • Add Value - by matching project requirements with right time staffing and cost effective strategies for flexibility and core employee retention...
  • Review - review project success with employers, managers, supervisors, and staff, and adapt best practice strategies for employers and employees...

Cypress Employment is the Employers Staffing Agency

With the natural evolution of ever increasing demands for project efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, a flexible and skilled, project centered and engaged work-force is key to corporate success. With a screened, dependable and flexible workforce, employers, project managers, and staff supervisors achieve project objectives, and exceed corporate profitability goals.

Adaptable Project Staffing is a Key Profitability Factor

Cypress Employment Services is knowledgeable and experienced in recruiting and retaining highly skilled craftspeople, assisting employers with the attention demanding task of keeping projects on track, on time, and on budget while focusing on the horizon.

Cypress Employment Services creates innovative and cost effective solutions for skilled staffing.  We provide a flexible, engaged workforce while assisting employers in maximizing efficiency, productivity and profit.

As your staffing team, we will assist you in adapting projects to workforce fluctuation requirements while keeping projects of all complexity right-sized, right-timed and on-budget.

Staffing and Employment
Cypress Employment Services, LLC

In today’s challenging and ever-shifting staffing environment, skilled employees are an employers greatest asset.

We staff employers with a skilled and reliable workforce in a responsive model. Large and small projects are staffed right, right-timed and on-budget, all while maximizing workforce efficiency and project profitability with engaged staffing.

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