Job Seekers Guide

Employee's Guide - Best Practices

Finding the Right Job Match

The surest way to obtain employment is to build an informed, realistic job search strategy, and put it to work.  Finding a job is your job. 

Work on it every day, all day.  It will change your role from job seeker to job holder.  This is the bridge to employment.

Prepare Yourself

  • Build your qualifications
    1)  Evaluate Your skills
    2)  Revise and update your résume'
    3)  Develop a personal elevator pitch
  • Tweak your thinking
    1)  Change your attitude
    2)  Settle down to the task
    3)  Fit the job to your skills
  • Do your homework
    1) Prepare for a behavorial interview
    2) Research the company
    3) Research the job skill requirements
    4)  Tailor-fit your resume'
  • Start the job search
    1) Use your network, build a new network
    2) Volunteer your time
    3)  Cold call
    4)  Dress for success for all job interviews, and on the job thereafter.  Be engaged, eager, positive, and be an asset; you owe it to yourself, and your employer.
    5)  Prepare for open-ended questions.  Thoughtful answers give employers insight into your personal thoughts.
  • Follow up with the interviewer
    1)  Review the interview with yourself.
    2)  Send a follow-up letter or email
    4)  Prepare for a follow up interview
    5)  Keep searching, until you have an offer

Put It all To Work

  • Your search is a full-time job.  You are employed by yourself as the sales/marketing person to sell yourself.
  • What does your social media profile say about you? Employer's use social media to evaluate who you are.  Your friends can hurt you. Keep it clean.
  • You may have to work your way up from apprentice before you can be the manager.

Workplace Savvy - Keep Your Job

Put this workplace savvy to work for you now. 

You have an obligation to yourself and your employer to be engaged and accountable on the job.  Only you can determine where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Getting there is a process.  Get busy!

On the Job Success Strategies

  • Be positive - Your attitude is a choice you make.  A positive and optimistic attitude is good for you, and for everyone around you.
  • Be realistic - Not your favorite job? It is, however a paycheck and if you need the income, it makes sense to stay where you are, and leave in good standing when you are prepared.
  • Be engaged -  Put the job first.  Focus on the job. Your employer is paying for your time and skills. The most productive employees will keep the job.
  • Be on time -  Workers who are late, take extended lunch hours, use sick time as a crutch for bad personal choices, and those that leave their post early will be unpopular.  Be punctual, be engaged, be responsible, and accountable.
  • Be a team playerEmployees who don't get along well with others, who gossip, or aren't willing to engage, aren't going to be at the top of the retention list.
  • Be flexibleFlexibility is central to keeping the job you have. Shift changes, week-end work, overtime to meet objectives, scheduling flexibility, and even volunteering time all demonstrate willingness as an engaged and eager employee.
  • Be a volunteer - This is one of the best job security strategies. Volunteer for new initiatives, volunteer help meet objectives and finish projects; take on more responsibility.
  • Don't be a complainer - Complainers drag everyone down.  No matter the legitimacy, keep it to yourself.  Keep your thoughts to yourself.  Be assured, someone is going to repeat or report what you say or post.
  • Change your thinking - What could be different to make you stay?  Is a transfer or a shift change possible - What can you do differently?
  • If everything fails - It isn't always feasible to stay where you are.  Prepare a good faith departure.  Abrupt ends aren't appealing to prospective employers.


What Should I do If I Lose My Job?

Economic recovery is slow.  Job competition is high.  If you become un-employed, these employee job tips will help you to focus on what is important while balancing immediate and long term choices.  The most important actions are prepare yourself, upgrade and adapt your skills, be optimistic, and do it now!


Do all of This Right Now

  • Be Positive, optimistic - This is a time of opportunity.  Re-evaluate, re-invigorate, re-organize, and re-examine yourself.  Present and promote yourself as a positive, optimistic person, and be flexible, open to new opportunity.
  • Un-employment benefits - You may qualify for state or federal un-employment benefits that can provide a safety margin while you are job seeking.
  • Budgeting - Categorize expenses as necessary: housing, utilities, food, transportation, or unnecessary:  cable, restaurants or fast food, subscriptions.  Evaluate cash resources, eliminate unnecessary expense, review necessary expenses and find ways to reduce them.
  • If you have a 401k - there is limited time to decide what to do with it.  Avoid using your IRA for living expenses.
  • Health insurance - You may qualify for state health insurance or a private carrier. COBRA may be an option.  Compare options, balance costs & needs.

Increase and Maintain the Pace

  • Networking:  The best tool in your bag is the network of relationships you have already established.   List everyone you know.  Include social media friends (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) in your job search strategy.
  • Dust off the resume':  The 1st opportunity to impress is often your resume'.  Customize it specifically for each employer prospect.  Use, but don't depend on spell checkers to catch mis-spellings and grammar usage.  Read and edit carefully.  Use the internet and local resources for company research.  Know what skills are sought, and create a clear, right fit, job objective.
  • Get a job now:  Any income will help.  Consider part-time work while searching for the right job.
  • Grow your skills:  Assess your current skills, available resources, and upgrade your skills to adapt to a new career, or to increase potential earnings.
  • Most important actions are: prepare yourself, upgrade and adapt your skills, be optimistic, and do it now!

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